About me

I believe that creativity hides in all of us. The way we handle it and what we do with it, makes us who we are and how we differ from everyone else.

I often dream of living a life surrounded only by love, peace, colour and creativity. For a great deal, I can make that happen by what I read, how I look at things and making friends with other creative souls.

Since childhood I have been a dreamer, often creating colourful things. Designing and drawing dresses for my paper dolls or making colourful cardboard jewellery. Back then I decided to become nothing other than a dress or jewellery designer! Which happened in a way since I studied fashion design and briefly worked in the fashion industry, but somehow ended up in the IT business which I also still enjoy doing. Partly because of this – spending my workdays in the fast moving, impersonal, high tech world – I need to break away to my creative space. To rebalance my thoughts and free myself from having to do what is expected. 

That is what this hobby is all about. Freedom. Self-fulfilment.

About my Jewellery

Every piece I create is a result of how I felt while I was designing and making it. Or what I saw while walking the dog in the woods that morning. When I look back at what I’ve created in the past, I often remember exactly how I felt at the time and at what stage in my  life I had been.

Silver is certainly my favourite material to work with. I love the colours and textures that it can be turned into. And the way that it compliments almost anything that I combine it with. Paper is also a favourite medium and I intend to bring that back into my designs in future. But so are recycled materials which I have, until now, mainly used in combination with base metals.

Metal changes colour. I believe that, if not intended otherwise, it should be left to lead a life of its own, reacting naturally to the air around us or to smithing techniques.

No 2 items will ever be exactly the same. That is the uniqueness of having been produced by hand. Items may therefore vary slightly from the pictures.

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